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updated fri 4 mar 05


Anne McGill on thu 3 mar 05

It concerns me when artists are looking for the proper "Look". It is as if they cannot
work with their own tools and ideas. If you have a gas kiln, what is wrong with the traditions
of gas firing? Why does it have to look like it was fired in a wood fuel kiln?

This is not to say potters cannot work with ash, or ash glazes. But to be seeking the
proper "Look" always smacks of seeking what you do not have.

The same concept is present in the building design industry. Buyers
and designers are always looking for the new "Look". It can be traced through
history. And, need we go further than the clothing industry? Instantly obsolete.

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Lee Love on fri 4 mar 05

Anne McGill wrote:

>It concerns me when artists are looking for the proper "Look".
You added "proper" Anne. There isn't much "proper" about
woodfiring. Unlike clothing, our processes are so variable that we
hardly ever come up with the same thing, even when we try to.

As any wood firer will tell you, wood firing isn't just
about the final outcome of the work. The whole process of the work
effects the potter and the work.

So, it is a little amusing to think that secrets or tricks are an
easy/fast way to get the same thing.

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