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wood fired look ot response

updated fri 4 mar 05


Wes Rolley on thu 3 mar 05

Anne McGill wrote:

> The same concept is present in the building design industry. Buyers
> and designers are always looking for the new "Look". It can be traced =
> history. And, need we go further than the clothing industry? Instantl=
y obsolete.

You got all that right. I saw an old Buick this week. Three colors,
four holes alongside the motor. Top was white, main color sort of a
tomato soup red and bottom was black. Pure '50s.

Now, as for pots, I try to get as close to what I see in my head do as I
can given a limitation to electric firing. I haven't gotten there yet,
either. But I can't change what I see in my head and I don't want to.


"I find I have a great lot to learn =E2=80=93 or unlearn. I seem to know =
far too
much and this knowledge obscures the really significant facts, but I am
getting on." -- Charles Rennie Mackintosh

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