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favorite magazines/ceramic

updated sat 5 mar 05


JoyceLee on fri 4 mar 05

It seems each ceramic magazine offers
something a bit different than each of
the others. I like all of them and
eagerly await each one.

I found I didn't
have time to keep up with the Greek pub,
so let my subscription lapse. I
miss the Canadian magazine that for some
reason folded after too brief a time. It
was thoughtful in presentation and offered
a perspective that was pleasing and
exciting to me.

Ceramics Monthly is a must have IMO. I
continue to learn from PMI even though I'm
gradually moving out of the novice category.

I particularly enjoy Clay Times. It's
been a delight to observe CT's
growth as well as the direction in which
it appears to be aiming.... perhaps I'm
wrong.... could easily be.... but it seems
to be taking a desirable middle road... not
too extreme in selection of pots (note the
use of "too" here), nor committing itself
to one viewpoint only. Excellence abounds
but risk-taking is there, also... brave for
a fairly new publication. So far, there have
been surprises in each issue. AND, of
course, I adore the columnists! I've read
each issue from cover to cover since its

Studio Potter helps give me an historical
perspective of the ceramic world... I
particularly enjoy its often used
geographical themes.

In the Mojave where it rained AGAIN last
night... the cactus garden is becoming
a cactus jungle.... well, sort of.....a
rather short jungle... although the Palo
Verde are trying to leaf (or needle or ?)
over the sandy driveway.. a bit scary
to contemplate ... maybe six are overdoing
it a little....