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food for photography session at nceca

updated sun 6 mar 05


L. P. Skeen on fri 4 mar 05

This is a repeat post. At the bottom, there is a list of those from =
whom I have received payment.

This offer is for Thursday, March 17 ONLY. The meal includes a deli =
style sandwich and chips. You must bring your own drink. (Having them =
provide beverage raised the price to something like $9.95 each, which I =
felt was stupid.)

Your sandwich choices are:
Roast Beef

The sandwich includes meat, lettuce, tomato and cheese. I suspect, but =
don't know for sure, that they would put in a little packet of mustard =
and mayo as well. They will be delivered to the Clayart room before the =
presentation begins. The price is $6.95 each.=20

If you want to order a sandwich to eat while Ru is doing the digital =
photography presentation, here's what I need:

1. Send me a Paypal for $6.95 per sandwich ordered. To do this, you go =
to and log into your account. Click on SEND =
MONEY, and in the TO box, put my email address. =20
2. In the "message" section, put your name and what you want on each =
sandwich (roast beef, turkey, ham, or veggi)
3. Be in the Clayart Room just before 7:00 to pick up your food and get =
a seat. Don't forget your drink.

If for some reason you can't use Paypal, email me for my mailing address =
to send a check. The hotel needs 72 hours' notice; therefore, the =
deadline for my receipt of your order and payment is Friday, March 11, =
2005 at 12:00pm ET. (That's noon.) There is only one week left for =
rec't of checks.

As of 3/4/05, I have rec'd checks from:
Gill, Paget, Arkowitz, Wilkins

I have rec'd Paypal from: Goodrich, Semple, Brunner, Gordon, Kruzan, =

I have rec'd "I'm sending the money" from others, but unless your name =
appears above, it has not arrived yet. Not fussing, just FYI.