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nceca: dance and clayart costume shindig

updated sun 6 mar 05


Stephani Stephenson on sat 5 mar 05

Wayne wrote:When we were kids, the "Rocky and Bullwinkle Show" would
play on the
TV on Saturday morning. When Natasha asked Boris Bandenoff "Boris!
Have you found way to get rid of moose and squirrel?" my brother
and I would always answer "Yeah, stick it in the oven!"

Wayne, interesting you should mention Rocky and Bullwinkle Show as I
think at least one of those characters might show up , undercover of
course, at the dance.

Referring to the NCECA schedule, the dance is Friday March 18 at 9

snippet from original post:
There will be an unofficial CLAYART costume shindig
coinciding, (i.e. at the very same place and time)
with the NCECA Dance
come ready for a mardis gras,
dress as your 'altered ego', your inner self,
or perhaps something indicative of your work.
explore the idea of 'surface decoration' or 'altered surfaces'
wear your most outrageous potter's garb
or just don whatever costume , outfit or accessory
you always want to wear
but never get a chance
or find an excuse
Well, here's your excuse!

be creative, have fun...
this is after the mug exchange I do believe,
If I remember correctly , they have tables at the dances, we'll try to
nab some...I'm sure we'll all manage to spot each other!

Stephani Stephenson