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surfing with helen bates - march 4th., 2005 - usa and uk

updated sun 6 mar 05


Helen Bates on sat 5 mar 05

Surfing with Helen Bates - March 4th., 2005 - USA and UK

Alice H. Federico (New York, NY, USA)
(Federico throws her pieces on Leach wheel and builds up larger works
from smaller components.)

Gary D Bebeau (Gary-Donald Arts) (Red Wing, MN, USA)
Gary-Donald Arts focusses on American and European art pottery from
1880 forwards: Doulton, Grueby, Leach Pottery, Minton, Moorcroft,
Newcomb College, North Dakota School of Mines, Pisgah Forest, Red Wing,
Rookwood, Roseville, Van Briggle.

Walt and Cynthia Glass (McQueeney Pottery) (San Antonio, TX, USA)
The McQueeney Pottery and Village Gallery in La Villita, Texas
(Mentioned March 3rd, 2005 on Clayart) (Functional stoneware and
porcelain pieces with colourful glazing) The Glasses make most of
their clays and glazes from local materials.

Joe Bova (Professor, Ceramics) (Fairfield, OH, USA)
(School of Art, College of Fine Arts, Ohio University, Athens OH, USA)
(Mentioned on clayart March 3, 2005)
(Three zoomable images of pieces by Bova)
Joe Bova reviewed on "Best of New Orleans!"
(Article on the artist, and one image)
Joe Bova on Tim Taunton's page: "Other Artists"
(Several pieces by JB)

Tim Taunton (Ceramics Professor, LaGrange College, LaGrange, GA, USA)
Taunton works in the figurative ceramic sculpture genre. His pieces
are made with Earthenware, terra sigillata, slips, glazes, and other
non-clay material. He has self-published a book that documents the
tools and techniques he uses in making his work, entitled: "The Clay
Figure." Though Taunton is a sculptor, one of his students, Ryan
Hancock, makes very nice functional vessels.

Oxfordshire Craft Guild (Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England, UK)
Click "Catalogue of Work", click "Studio Ceramics."
Ceramic artists: Lis Teall, Edith Holt, Kirstie Reynolds, Selma Stagg,
Adrienne Baba, Sidney Hardwick, Jane Hanson, Elizabeth Linton, Alison
Jones, Clare Wratten, Jane and Dylan Bowen, Kit Adlington, Hannelore
Meinhold-Morgan, Anthony Eccles.

The idsgr8 Collection (Silver Spring, MD, USA): (Click on "Cereamics")
While searching the Internet recently for online images of work by
David Leach, I found this fine collection of ceramics. The collection
is for sale, and was mentioned once on a post to Clayart. The
collection is excellent and the images of the work are well done.
Artists: Ralph Bacerra, Cynthia Bringle, Val Cushing, Jamie Davis,
John Glick, Melissa Green, Shinsaku Hamada, Karen Karnes, Steven &
Susan Kemeneffy, Julie & Tyrone Larsen, Bernard Leach, David Leach,
Elsa Rady, Don Reitz, Olin Russum, Rob Sieminsk, Tom Turner, Robert
Whose collection it is, was not mentioned. (Evidently, the person or
estate selling the pieces wishes to remain anonymous.)
Here is the post to Clayart:
(It would appear that the works on the site are still for sale,
although it's possible the site could need updating since it was put on
the www nearly a year ago.)

James and Nan McKinnell (Boulder, CO, USA)
(Pot by the McKinnells)


Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
E-mail: nelbanell at yahoo dot ca
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