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air brush users and the cat is back

updated mon 7 mar 05


Cat Jarosz on sun 6 mar 05

Hi Gene...... are you using the red or blue one ??? The red one is for
finer work and for when you need more control. The blue one is for over all
regular glazes .. I use both but mainly the red one for overspraying
copper stain . I sieve thru 100 mesh also . keep that hole in the lid cleared
out .... you could check and see if the straw is too long for the plastic
or glass bottle. I also sometimes have to mess with the tightness of the
bottle to get the flow going well.. Drives me nuts at times but I get the
control I need with it in small areas... The glass bottles are taller but I
had to stock up on them as so much back and forth and movement with pots
that the whole thing falls on ground often enough and crash !!! Email me with
any particular questions you have about these brushes .

wow folks I have been NO MAIL since beginning of Jan.... Had to go to
boot camp with my Airedale furkid who was taking advantage of our good nature
Got lots of help from a list serve for airedale people.. yep this type
of dog needs a support group LOL... I am so amazed at the wealth of
imformation and people who can help since the advent of the computer age. I
still have a hooligan studio mate but she is incredible dog ... I laugh at
how amazed I have been to realize she is not a basset hound. Ya cant treat a
Airedale like a Basset LOL.... Bopper had me trained for 11 plus yrs she
was my short fat kid.. Curly can actually obey me !!!

Lets see while I was nomail I spent 2 weeks figuring out how to make
the covered square butter dishes. From 5 hrs doing it all with slabs to 4 hrs
using the brent extruder hollow tube die to trying some funky hard material
Nancy Hamilton huges hubby sent me to try for dies did not work for the type
of shape I wanted for the butters but works good for small things; to using
steel and dremmel tool and coming up with ways to make a die that was too
big for the 3" circle that the brent extruder allows work anyhow and yes
cutting some notches out of the shelf the dies sit on the bottom of the barrel...
Got it down to about 2 hrs each LOL... But I did it proud of
myself too... now to see if the shrinkage ruler works as well with extruded
things as it does with most other things I make using it..

Attended a Michael Sherrill workshop and wow on all his awesome tools..
you all attending nceca will be the first to get his bandsaw blade tool..
it comes straight but he curves his on one end.. I am soo hoping he
patents his aluminum hollow die holders soon as the cutting board material he
uses ( polyethelyne) looks like it would be lot easier to work with than steel

Signed up for John Britt's glaze class's down at Odyssey in Asheville.
Worked on some crazy teapots and tea sets and new items ... I love winter
breaks and now I am back into production mode but with a few new tricks
to try doing sectional wet on wet throwing !

And now I am back on list, Kind of feels like I am home... I sure missed
Joyce in the moe -javie so hope that everyone HUGS HER for me at Nceca..
Wish I was gonna go to see Phil in LV's awesome tools and thinking of getting
all the mkm throwing sticks because I cant see them in person ( wish
highwater would carry it ) I dont know about most of you but I gotta hold things
in my hands before I can know that a tool will work for me... I cant explain
it any other way... hard to buy stuff by looking at drawings or pictures in
a book.. nuttin beats the real thing... ok I am getting nose pokes,big
paw slaps and this chair on wheels is being pulled away from puter as someone
wants to play ball with me NOW !!! Whatta girl !!

Cat and Curly Jarosz in the Blue Ridge Mnts of NC. in good ole US of

V)''(V woof & >^..^< mew; Chicks with beards rule !!!