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moving to california

updated mon 7 mar 05


clennell on sat 5 mar 05

Sour Cherry Pottery

> it makes me smile that i got only one
> response to my shipping saga post.

Mel: I usually read all your stuff but I guess this one slipped by. I don't
know what your relationship is with your clay supplier but I would not
hesitate to contact mine about my carting pots on a pallet and shipping
them. they would then be handled only by a forklift which I think would be
pretty safe.
They would no doubt get materials from laguna and also have a favourable
shipping rate. My neighbour the production potter ships enough that his rate
is about 60% lower than i can get. A $10 UPS is only $4. Your clay suppliers
rate would be very good. He has also packed those small ship containers to
Korea and it wasn't all that expensive. Our Geil was brought from CA by a
TExan trucker and i think it was the only thing on his truck from Detroit to
here and it was less than $1000 Cdn. I don't think I could drive to CA and
back for that much.
Truckers keep North America working. I'd investigate the pallets. You make
pots and let the truckers truck.