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to edy from cat: large platters

updated tue 8 mar 05


Cat Jarosz on mon 7 mar 05

Hi Edy... no pictures came attached..

Another thing came to mind ... when you fire in a kiln and the platter
just fits .. you can put kiln posts around the outside of the rim to retain the
heat ... it keeps the rim from cooling off faster then the bottom that sits
on a hot shelf.. by surrounding the rim with posts or other pots if there
is room, what happens is hopefully to protect rim from cooling at a faster
rate than the bottom and pulling the clay apart or what ever that kind of
stress is called.. I know some problems happen with platters placed at the
top of the kiln so if you have to put the platter up there put a shelf over

I wont say it happens all the time ( cracks) when you put a platter on
the top shelf but I know a few potters that have trouble with platters in this
spot and never any cracks elsewhere. just food for thought in a discussion
thats been pretty wonderful so far..

Dont give up , one of the best things one of my professors ever told me
and its stuck with me thru many many yrs is " clay has a way of making us
humble" She went on to tell me that when ever she feels like she finally got a
handle on this medium BOOOOM it made her humble all over again
That pretty much awed me to have an incredible potter like her admit to such a
beginner as me at the time how she also is still learning learning
learning... it will take a lifetime to learn one form and one clay body and one
glaze.. Thanks to "ELMA" retired from UNCA hope this means something to
everyone in clay land....


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