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bring pot pix to nceca/last squirrel comment

updated wed 9 mar 05


primalmommy on tue 8 mar 05

Guys, I am going to bring my button machine to NCECA, so if anybody has
a picture of a pot (printed out on regular paper is fine, though photos
can work too) that you want on a button, bring it and I will make you a
button out of it (cheap, like two bucks.). A detail shot would be nice
-- a cool glaze drip, shell mark, handle or detail. Or if you want the
whole pot, print it so the pot is no more than two inches across (the
paper needs to be three inches across.) I'm going to make some of my
tiny teapots. This way you can show people what kind of pots you make
without whipping out the slides/photos over and over.

My last squirrel thought: A local church sponsored a family from Congo
to come live here while the husband trained as a bush plane mechanic.
(He was a bush pilot but if his plane broke down in the bush, he was
stuck.) His wife jeanne was lonesome and pregnant and suffering culture
shock, and spoke only French -- so I used to have her over for lunch a
lot and truck out my rusty study-tour French.

She grew up in a place with extreme poverty, and without shoes or glass
windows or other "modern" stuff. She was sitting at my kitchen table
when a squirrel hopped up to the window feeder. She recoiled visibly,
horrified. 'You don't have squirrels where you live?" I asked. "No," she
said, "We have rats." I realized that, fluffy tail or no, she was seeing
a very unpleasant rodent right at the end of the kitchen table.

Later she said, "If we did have animals like that, we would eat them. It
is hard for me to imagine that people here are so wealthy that they can
buy good grain just to give to birds and rodents."

Every time I spend another twenty bucks on bird seed, I think of the
"good grain" and the hungry people of the planet... but I still feed the
birds and squirrels.


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