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updated wed 9 mar 05


Lili Krakowski on tue 8 mar 05

I know nothing about the centering tool. I DO think purchase of tools =
to help with a physical problem FOLLOWS medical consult. A friend =
copied the advice given another with a similar problem--I think it was =
rotator cuff--and made things worse, because HER problem was somewhat =
different. Before you invest , talk to your MD--get the thing checked =
etc. You MIGHT need some physiotherapy. The tool MAY be helpful in =
preventing recurrence. But know what you are treating first.

Janet! Now Janet! Now really, Janet! You don't think Tsunami Pug Mill =
is jolly good fun? (By the way: when I first read that I though it was a =
joke. Is that trademark for real? ) I hope you are registering the =
trademark for Nine Eleven Blast Furnaces, Holocaust Ovens, and =
Hiroshima Atomizers! You silly, silly girl! You are sitting on a =
goldmine! Never underestimate the potential of bad taste! I can =
think of even more tasteless trademarks, but I will skip them. By the =
way. The people who made the death camp ovens still were in business =
last time I heard, making bakery ovens. And the mis-appropriation of =
the word Holocaust is why so many of us say Sho'ah instead for the =

L'havdil. As far as I know, unless Empty Bowls is a registered =
trademark, people can use the name. One of the attorneys on the list =
will tell us. I never give to things like that unless I know the =
people involved and trust that they will use the $ properly. By the =
same token I do not give to charities unless I have seen that breakdown =
of how they spend the money. I stopped giving to the Red Cross (and =
laminated their reply letter) when I learned what they were paying =
Elizabeth Dole for being their President. Mrs D. in case someone has =
missed it, is wealthy in her own right, and married to a US =
Senator/Former Senator--and Senators are not poor. Whatever happened to =
the Dollar a Year Men?

Also: with artists' donations. This too mine eyes have seen: the =
organizers buy the choice donations at the low prices the donors have =
set to help the charity! Much better, I think, to sell the pot at your =
normal price, give the money to charity....

Having said this: Jonathan K: YOU organize it, I'll send the bowl =
(except right now I am not throwing!)

Oh dear. L'havdil-- to split or separate. Is said when you go from a =
"bad" to a "good" topic. Averts the evil eye!

Lili Krakowski

Be of good courage