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bad manners at the guild

updated thu 10 mar 05


Rikki Gill on wed 9 mar 05

The Berkeley Potters Guild which has been in existance for at least 40
years, has established a set of by-laws that we spent a long time
formulating. Perhaps the fact that we are only 19 owner/renters, [mostly
owners,] works in our favor. We have ways to settle disputes, fines for
missed activities, and a strict guide to training our helpers. The show
helpers must take a two hour prep session the first time they work for us.

It sounds to me that maybe some places need to spend a little time
establishing the rules, and the consequences for not following them. If,
for instance, a shift is missed during the sale, the member responsible can
be fined up to 20% of their show proceeds. Have we ever done that? No. It
is enough to know that could happen, to make sure shifts are not missed.

We have pot luck dinners for our important meetings, at least 2 a year, and
we talk about what is going wrong. We hardly have to do much at this point,
because we spent so much time getting things right back then. We mostly plan
our shows, tweak what didn't work so well, and assign jobs. We do a lot of
work running the building, and the shows.

I think putting some time into obligitory meetings, so everyone knows what
the ground rules are,
saves a lot of time eventually.

Hope this helps, Rikki Gill