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bison studios wishes a "bon voyage" to all ! and,

updated sat 12 mar 05


pdp1@EARTHLINK.NET on thu 10 mar 05

to mention - " No 'nceca' for me this year"...(either)...sigh...

Hi all...

Just so you know, I shall not be Stationed amid the ranks of
the Exhibitors in the Grand Hall this year.

I will very much miss seeing everyone, and I will very much
miss the thrills and chills and moments of hushed
anticipations of the famous 'Mug-Exchange' and other de-jur
and extempore events of the Clay Art Room....and am feeling
all nostalgic and sappy about it now, too.

But, or and...I had elected to be a stay-at-home-boy this
time, and, various events and developements and vicissitudes
here seem to indicate, of that having been a wise enough
choice to have made, too. So, maybe next year, in the humid
climes (of who-knows? might-be Sunny) Oregon, I shall be
there again with my babys, and myself of course, to join the

Happy and safe Travelling to all...!

Do not eat (nor aspirate in moments of distraction or ennui,
any of) those dreadful little plasticfoilwrap 'peanuts' on
the 'planes ( in fact, bring your own littlewholesome
Luncheon arrays like I allways do, and wrap your Sandwhiches
and Fruits and Soda Crackers and Candies and so on nicely in
Aluminum Foil just to spite the bastards, and maybe, you
know, skip bringing the Bahh-Klah-Vahh this time, especially
if mushed inside of smaller transistor radios and so on,
just for your own sakes, if 'flying' Commercial
irliners, )...and...

God's Speed..!


Philip Poburka
proprietor - maker

Bison Studios
Las Vegas, Nevada
U.S. of A.