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updated sun 13 mar 05


James and Sherron Bowen on sat 12 mar 05

I am usually reading several at once usualy non-fiction because I need =
to catch up on what happened before and since I was born. Just finished =
Lies Across America, Lies My Teacher Told Me, Sailing the Wine dark Sea, =
The Savage Wars of Peace, and Rogue Nation. Currently reading Blink, =
Collapse, and War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning. Fiction wise I read =
Kite Runner right when it came out because Susan Sontagg said to, and =
then I bought four copies at remainder prices and donated them to the =
local libraries in the small towns out here on the plains. She also =
recommended Summer in Baden Baden and so will I. I liked The Bluest Eye =
and have more Toni Morrisson, and Amy Tan lined up in the qeue. I also =
bought extra copies of Wine Dark Sea, Lies..., and War is a Force to =
stock the bookmobile and the local libraries.
Lined up on the shelf with a thousand or so others needing read are =
Sandy Koufax, Bayard Rustin, Sorrows of Empire, The Conquereors, Don't =
Lets Go to the Dogs Tonight, and Problem From Hell.
See you all in the Clayart room.=20
I have to unload the high fire kiln and do a cone 6 firing Sunday, so =
maybe I can get a keeper for the exchange. I haven't read a Clayart in =
many months and am trying to catch up at least on March so I can know =
what's going on in Baltimore. I ran for the state legislature and we =
just had a party reorganization so politics have dominated our lives for =
nearly a year. I just deleted ll of 2004 Clayart because there wasn't =
going to be enough time to read it now that Logreader doesn't work well =
on this computer. I may have to move all the 2005 files to the old =
machine in order to read them.=20
As my roomie Tom B always says "Peace".

" Tens of millions of U.S. Internet users trust the news they're getting =
from the mainstream media......, Some might call these millions deluded =
or brainwashed, but if you believe in free markets, you believe =
consumers are smart enough to know the difference between a good product =
and a bad one."
HOWARD R. GOLD (Barrons Online)