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from the horse's mouth: empty bowls

updated fri 11 mar 05


Taylor from Rockport on thu 10 mar 05

This is a cut and paste from the official Empty Bowls website:

"The basic idea for Empty Bowls is simple. Participants create ceramic
bowls, then serve a simple meal of soup and bread. Guests choose a bowl
to use that day and to keep as a reminder that there are always Empty
Bowls in the world. In exchange for a meal and the bowl, the guest gives
a suggested minimum donation of ten dollars. The meal sponsors and /or
guests choose a hunger-fighting organization to receive the money
collected. Any organization fighting hunger qualifies. Many groups choose
to donate to organizations within their own community and others choose to
give their donations to national or international hunger relief. We ask
that groups participating in Empty Bowls send us information about their
involvement for our archives.

See for yourself -->

Taylor in Rockport, TX

by the by, food banks are food clearinghouses while food pantries or food
closets distribute food to needy persons in emergency situations.