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hungry bowls/hunting

updated thu 10 mar 05


mel jacobson on wed 9 mar 05

thanks again rick.

i give my bowls to the `silent auction`. they
have always brought 1-2 hundreds bucks. i will
never make 80 ten dollar bowls.

the bowls should be made by local high school students,
art center students. professional artists should never
have to make them. those professional pots should be auctioned off.

being a life long hunter, i am always offended by people
who call me a `killer`. (romantic/inflaming words) we eat what we
shoot. the fish
i catch, ice cold from our hay creek are eaten in minutes of catch.

the pheasants, quail and turkeys are all late son
never bought meat. we harvested one or two deer per year.
froze it, and that is what he ate. added to that was other game.
they are food, cared for, blessed. thank god for real meat, venison
and squirrel. if you are offended, stop eating.

the `mark jacobson` foundation is based on buying fallow land
to provide future open space and hunting land for young men and
women. our farm is over one hundred acres of green space. left
for animals. we provide the most needed space in america, habitat.

we do more to preserve the life and well being of animals on our
farm than a thousand wild eyed protesters. talk is cheap, buying and
caring for land makes a difference.

it is interesting that `national geographic` this month lists the
varmints that are ruining our natural space. the squirrel is one
such varmint. the canada goose has become such a varmint. it has
taken nesting space from millions of natural ducks in this area.
interesting too, that the brown and rainbow trout are listed.

anyway, i won't let this thread carry was just done for fun.
and then of course...we have those offended ones....well, me too.
really pissed as a matter of fact.
mel jacobson/minnetonka/minnesota/usa