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original soup and bowls benefit sale

updated thu 10 mar 05


Richard Mahaffey on tue 8 mar 05


I think the original benefit soup and bowl sale was at Mt San Antonio
College in southern California.
I know that they were doing that in the late 1960's.
It was to benefit the ceramics program there. Just trying to set the
record straight.

Since Empty Bowls is second you can use it for whatever you choose.

As an aside, at sales and fairs I hear people say these bowls are too
expensive, I pay $10.00 at the such and such sale, wait until
then....................they usually don't even know that it is to
benefit food banks.

We can run ourselves out of the bowl business.
I like the mention of the sale that I read tonight where the price is
higher and Mel's doing only 2 bowls a year. Make them good ones and
ask that the organizers ask more for them.