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stephanie: slips and glazes

updated thu 10 mar 05


Lili Krakowski on wed 9 mar 05

Thank you for the 04 glazes. =20

What I am trying for at c.6 and also (mainly for Kate's use) c.04 is the =
lead-look. I have tried a number of things, and now have reached a few =
conclusions--all temporary no doubt.

For one: I may need to use a slip over the earthenware body. I am =
thinking a couple of Mason stains, peach, orangy things--as probably =
being more reliable than rutile. I also am thinking of spraying a thin =
wash of same over the slip decorated plates before bisquing and then =

The slight opalescence from the boron, if very slight indeed, could =
help, I think, or do I mean hope?

Lili Krakowski

Be of good courage

Kate Johnson on wed 9 mar 05

Hey Lili and list...I did try some Mason stains in clear glaze over white
slip, I forgot to mention it. You can see the results at , about rows
20-21--that's cone 04 temps, of course....

Best Regards,
Kate Johnson

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