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surfing with helen bates - march 11, 2005 - usa and sweden

updated sun 13 mar 05


Helen Bates on fri 11 mar 05

Surfing with Helen Bates - March 11, 2005 - USA and Sweden

Gordon Perry (New York, NY , USA)
Perry is both a potter creating original ceramic work and an industrial
design consultant. To view his work, turn off his background page
colour and use white, with black text, to make viewing easier.
Gordon Randall Perry Design:
Resolves to:
Through his design firm, Perry and his teams design products for a wide
range of manufacturers. Some, like his cutlery designs, are meant to
be useful. On the other hand, he may design a chair for comfort or as
a challenge for the sitter... (He could use a good web designer.)

Lurie, Elizabeth Lurie (Farmington Hills, MI, USA)
(Another designer?) (Studio Porcelain)
Lurie throw somes of her pieces on the potter's wheel, then alters the
ware in some cases. She shows only a few types of serving vessels on
her personal website.
Art Serve Michigan:
(Lurie has more variety here.)
Akar Design:
(Good large views from thumbnails and intermediate views)
Lurie does occasionally work in colour...
Epinch (Teapots Transformed)
Lurie's page:
Delmano (Hot Tea)
Lurie's page:

Tyler Lotz (Bloomington, IL, USA)
Lotz makes fairly conventional glazed functional pieces, but is mainly
a sculptor working with clay, and occasionally other materials. His
minimalist repeating sculptural forms are often brightly coloured.

Furimsky, Erin (Bloomington, IL, USA)
Furimsky "investigate(s) where (...) two realms (luxuriously ornamental
wares and objects with specific functions) overlap and what happens
when the decorative aspect becomes the function."

McGowan, Allison (Porcelain) (Phoenixville, PA, USA)
Luxuriously decorated functional pieces; vases often have pillowed
rims; forms are sinuous.

Forsberg, Jennifer (Brosarp, Sweden)
Forsberg makes mostly abstract ceramic sculptural work as well as mixed
media installations with ceramic and other components. Her functional
ware is woodfired and may be of earthenware, stoneware, or porcelain.

Connelly, Michael (Shelburne, VT, USA)
Look for Connelly's latest work, functional pieces with attractive
surface treatments in his online "Sneak Preview."
(These vessels are fired with a combination treatment of salt and
His gallery of earlier but still recent work has reduction-fired,
salt-fired or soda-fired Stoneware. See his archives too, for a view
of his "evolution of process." (It has evolved, certainly, but his
work from the mid-1990's was already very interesting.)

Trey Hill (Monterey, CA, USA)
Unique sculptural pieces in clay and additional media.

And, just for fun...
Clay Figural Male Head (Interesting Items (Folk Art & Pottery)
(U.S. & Canada Vintage Collectibles & Folk Art)
Vintage Top Hatted Clay Figural Male Head (Found in Florida, USA)
Thrown with additions - very unusual, whether amateur or not...


Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
E-mail: yelbanell at yahoo dot ca
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