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surfing with helen bates - march 13, 2005 - japan, canada, usa, uk

updated mon 14 mar 05


Helen Bates on sun 13 mar 05

Surfing with Helen Bates - March 13, 2005 - Japan, Canada, USA, UK

Jpotters (Japan)
(Directory of Japanese Ceramic Artists)
Kouchi Hidetoshi, Maki Kousyu, Mihara Ken, Mizuma Nobuhiro, Mori
Ichizo, Oki Koshi, Ono Jiro, Tabata Shion, Yoshida Akira, Yoshita
(So far just the 10 artists have been added to this site.)

Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art (Toronto, ON, Canada)
(This latest version of the Gardiner Museum web site features a
searchable database)

Craft Potters Association (London, England, UK)
(The CPA' Gallery and Shop) (Site is as yet incomplete)
You can view the work of the following artists via the menu link
"Stock": Christy Keeney, Jack Doherty, Phil Rogers, Emily Myers, John
Pollex, David Miller, Emmanuel Cooper, Duncan Ros,s Jane Perryman
Ashraf Hanna, Susan Nemeth, John Maltby, Peter Beard. (Under "Online
Gallery" there is a working search utility for books, but the "Pots"
search doesn't seem to be working at this time.)

Dennis Meiners and Leslie Lee (Jacksonville, OR, USA)
Sculptural (but perhaps still functional?) teapots, and other
functional ware such as pleasantly decorated plates by Dennis Meiners.
Leslie Lee is mainly a painter, but she makes noteworthy one-off pieces
she calls "Raku Rockers."

Master of Fine Arts Programs (USA)
(Partial list of MFA programs available in the USA, divided by region)

"A Secret History of Clay: From Gauguin to Gormley"
(Tate Museum, Liverpool, 2004) (Liverpool, England, UK)

(Text and some images, mostly not zoomable.)

Ceramic Art London 2005 (Royal College of Art) (London, England, UK)
Online Exhibitor Gallery: (May 2005)
A-D: Tim Andrews, Duncan Ayscough, Jenny Beavan, Bev Bell-Hughes,
Terry Bell-Hughes, Kochevet Ben-David, David Binns, Joy Bosworth, Dylan
Bowen, Sarah Britten-Jones, Kyra Cane, Matt Chambers, Carina Ciscato,
Nic Collins, Jane Cox, Dartington Pottery, Tjok Dessauvage, Jack
Doherty, Karen Downing, Francoise Dufayard;
E-H: Mike Eden, Jonathan Garratt, Carolyn Genders, Virginia Graham,
Ian Gregory, Lisa Hammond, Ashraf Hanna, Peter Hayes, Regina Heinz,
Brendan Hesmonhalgh, John Higgins, Ashley Howard, Joanna Howells,
Graham Hudson;
I-L: Petra Jahnson, John Jelfs, Helen Johannessen, Mo Jupp, Walter
Keeler, Jim & Dominique Keeling, Chris Keenan, Christy Keeney, Ruth
King, Nigel Lambert, Tony Laverick, Wendy Lawrence, Martin Lungley;
M-P: Sally MacDonell, Fenella Mallalieu, Agalis Manessi, Alice Mara,
Gareth Mason, Martin McWilliam, Hennie Meyer, Aki Moriuchi, Katherine
Morling, Jet Mous, Jane Muir, Susan Nemeth, Jeremy Nichols, Jitka
Palmer, Richard Phethean;
Q-T: Emma Rodgers, Phil Rogers, Suleyman Saba, Antonia Salmon, Zeita
Scott, Andy Shaw, Matt Sherratt, Anna Silverton, Daniel Smith, John
Stroomer, Geoffrey Swindell, Kaori Tatebayashi, Ruthanne Tudball, Annie
U-Z: Jacob Van Der Beugel, Clementina Van Der Walt, Angela Verdon,
Tina Vlassopulos, Elly Wall, Sasha Wardell, Katy West, Andrew Wicks,
Conor Wilson, Carole Windham, Takeshi Yasuda, Dawn Youll, Yeung Yuk

Oxford Studio Ceramics 2005 (Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, UK)
(About 60 potters will exhibit in this show which will run in October,
2005. For the moment, there are a few zoomable images of work online
from a previous show, but sometime in April, the jurying process will
be completed, at which time the names of the artists in the current
show will be available.)


Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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