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surfing with helen bates -march 11, 2005 - usa, uk, denmark

updated sun 13 mar 05


Helen Bates on fri 11 mar 05

Surfing with Helen Bates -March 11, 2005 - USA, UK, Denmark

Alasdair Neil and Sally MacDonnell (Bath, Somerset, England, UK)
Face or Head pieces are by Alasdair MacDonell and smoke-fired female
figures by Sally MacDonell. Clicking on the images loads a new page.
Scroll down to see the larger, highly detailed image. Loading is
relatively quick. Both artists' work is worth a viewing.

Marc Richards Gallery (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
(Amazing Chinese Ceramics from the Neolithic Period)

Mary Louise McLaughlin (Cincinatti, OH, USA) (1847-1939)
(From the American Ceramic Society - Ross C. Purdy Museum):
(For work by McLaughlin, use browser's "Find" or "Search" utility.)
(Patent specification for Mary Louise McLaughlin.'s method of
decorating pottery under the glaze; it was done by reverse painting on
the inside of the mould [mold].)
The AcerS site has two collections in its Ross C. Purdy Museum of
Ceramics that include pottery: The Ceramic Monthly Collection and the
above-mentioned Ross C. Purdy Museum collection. Also online is a
collection of sculpture, another of glass, and another of "advanced
ceramics." (The database is searchable, so you could find all the
McLaughlin images, for example, by this means, on one results page in a
new browser window.)

The Pottery Studio (UK)
(The Pottery Studio now has a salesroom with about 50 varied pieces or
sets for purchase.)

Kate Malone (London, England, UK)
Yum! ("Ceramic extravaganzas large and small")
(Malone online at the Sassoon Gallery)

Bodil Manz (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Manz makes paper-thin objects in cast, unglazed porcelain.
Recently she has also been casting some large porcelain works in sand.
For example, the last image is of one of M.'s new series of rough
sand-cast pieces.)
(Sandcast Jar by Manz)
(Garth Clark Gallery's page on Manz)
(You can see another zoomable image of a sandcast piece by Manz on this
page of "sold" ceramic items from the 2003 Chicago SOFA)
Other artists' work linked to this page: Peter Voulkos, Claudi
Casanovas, Philip Eglin, Toshiko Takaezu, Yasihisa Kohyama, Gordon
Baldwin, Jun Kaneko, Elizabeth Fritsch, Adrian Sassoon, Shigekazu
Nagae, Charles Timm-Ballard, Sergei Isupov, Kazuya Takahashi, Raymon
Elozua, Nina Hole.


Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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