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updated fri 18 mar 05


Gayle Bair on wed 16 mar 05

HAIL Lili,

Mentor, Sage, Wizard, Sweet Perfect bitch!!!!
I offer an addendum to your sign off
"Cowardly Lions need not apply!'"
My thanks to you for all your input on this list.
Had I a fraction of your experience and knowledge
I would be most pleased!

Gayle Bair - B.I.T. (Bitch In Training)

-----Original Message-----
From: Lili Krakowski

Now to those of you who think I am being a perfect bitch, I blush prettily
when I say "Aw, chucks, no one is perfect."

Lili Krakowski

Be of good courage

Lili Krakowski on wed 16 mar 05

Now to those of you who think I am being a perfect bitch, I blush =
prettily when I say "Aw, chucks, no one is perfect."

About that spout: There are several ways of making them, and I seem to =
remember that those Pelican style spouts, or to I mean macaw?--can be =
made in several ways. This has been written up in magazines. I bet =
some such pots are in stores and galleries for you to look at. But the =
underlying ingredient in these spouts is SKILL! There is no point =
explaining broderie anglaise to someone who still cannot sew a perfect =

About that glaze: It could be one of several things. If it is a high =
talc glaze then in means it is a high magnesium glaze. These tend to =
give lovely satiny finishes. Now the color could come out of the clay =
itself, a slip, or it could be added to the glaze --rutile, ilmenite, =
iron, maybe a tidge of chrome, or a combination--or it could have been =
sprayed on or washed on the glaze itself. You might want to look at one =
of the books I recommend most, "The Potter's Palette' by Constant and =
Ogden, for an idea of what you want, you might go to "The Ceramic =
Spectrum" by Robin Hopper, you might read one of a dozen glaze books. =20


I have read that Lucie Rie had glaze tests in every glaze kiln. As do =
many potters with decades of experience.
There is no answer except experience and practice.

Yes, the spouts I have seen of that type either are drape molded, or cut =
out of a thrown pot. And making them symmetrical and to lute them on =
properly takes practice practice practice. My suggestion here is that =
you throw about 50 pitchers and then start trying out spouts.

My suggestion for your glaze is to take a high magnesium glaze and add =
a bit of iron to one batch,a bit of ilmenite to another, rutile to a =
third, and then do blends.

I am sorry to say that anyone who told you that you go on Clayart and =
come away with THE answer , is wrong. In many cases that indeed is true. =
But in cases like this it is not, because the prime ingredient is PESK. =
Practice, experience, skill, knowledge. =20

I can call up my friend Debbie Dietician and say: If I want to use oil =
instead of butter in a cake, what amount do I use? I can do that =
because I am a very experienced cook, as of course is DD. But if I am =
not sure how to boil an egg, then such info would NOT be helpful. It =
might or might not work--because so many other factors go into making a =

Lili Krakowski

Be of good courage