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greetings from nceca

updated fri 18 mar 05


Jonathan Kirkendall on thu 17 mar 05

Hello all! Just spent my day in Baltimore at NCECA - home now, 40
minutes away, and wanted to let all of you who aren't attending know
that you are in our thoughts and we wish you were here!

So many meaningful things in just a few short hours (I couldn't get
there today until noon) - but the biggest thing was walking into the
Clayart room, not knowing a soul, and within five minutes feeling like
this was my home - this is a space where I could kick back and relax,
and know that whoever I talked to was part of my life. This was really
something for me. It felt like a room full of celebreties - people
who's writing I knew well, but had never met.

Hat's off to all you celebrities out there who aren't here with us!

Jonathan in DC