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woodfiring/ navarre's hobalectric conversion

updated fri 18 mar 05


Gary Navarre on thu 17 mar 05

Hay Crew,
WalMart lowered their price for putting slides, negatives, and prints on
CD's from $.29 ea. to 40 for $2.88 and I couldn't resist such a deal so
I had 80 shots put in two disks. The first batch I'm posting are of an
experimental test kiln designed after one discribed in Michael Cardew's
"Pioneer Pottery" on p.202. I had already successfully fired my larger
kiln but tryed this just to see what would happen.
I don't remember how much wood I used, it was 1988-89, probably under a
cord of assorted diameters from 10" diameter chunks down to small stuff.
It took a couple days and the shots are from more than one firing. Hope
ya learn something. Top loading was a bit impractical for cups and bowls
but I got it to work and I was amazed how hot it got. With the
crossdraft the bottom should be stacked real tight to force the flame up
to the top of the chamber.
Oh, ya, here is the link: Enjoy the tour and
stay in there!

G in Da UP
Navarre Pottery
Norway, Michigan, USA