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****tip of the week/magna 904

updated sun 20 mar 05


Frank Colson on sat 19 mar 05

What is Magna 904? This is a jelly like compound which will asorb and
disipate heat in the high range of 2000F. This material can be used
in creative as well as practical application. It does not become liquid and
not harmful to the skin. It absorbs heat in a way that a sponge absorbs
water. It is orderless and does not give off irritating fumes when in use.
After use, it can be wiped off with a dry cloth and flushed of with water
for through surface cleaning.

This material becomes an inqenious way to change visual designs on pots
which are rescheduled for multiple firings. That is, pots which normally
require another firing , at a lower temperature, to retain the stibility of
a previous glaze fire.
In one's own experiences, experimentation is always the norm before
reaching conclusions of viability.

Magna 904, "Heat Ban", can be used on any surface:

Frank Colson