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applications available for 2006 calendar show

updated mon 21 mar 05


L. P. Skeen on sun 20 mar 05

Greetings! The application for submissions to the 2006 Clay Lover's =
Calendar Show is now available on my website in PDF format, which =
everyone can read and print from their own computer. :)

Here is the address:

Please note that if you have visited this page in the past, you will =
need to click your REFRESH button in order to see the updated page. The =
word APPLICATION appears just above the BUY CALENDAR NOW button. Click =
on that word, and the application will appear (assuming you have Acrobat =

Judging from what I saw on the mug exchange table in the Clayart room, =
there are a bunch of you out there who need to be tooting your own horn. =
This is a great way to do that, and have a whole lot o' people see your =
work. I had several people tell me at NCECA that they save their =
calendars for inspiration value after the year is over. :)

L. P. Skeen, Summerfield NC
"Why is it that we continually return to stare into the refrigerator=20
in the hopes that something new will have materialized for us
to eat?"