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human/animal ash glazes

updated mon 21 mar 05


bill edwards on sun 20 mar 05

Once you get that glaze in place, if you would care to
share a jpg I would appreciate it! Right now I am
working on another person's pet crematory piece but it
does not contain any ash at all from the deceased
animal. I skulpted the head of a lab on a casserole
type lidded bowl with a pedestal and a Bronze name
plate will get mounted there. I think I have some
pictures of this should anyone be interested?

Now... Lee has always been a favorite of mine and I
used to correspond more often. Just FYI... I seldom
get my hackles up for more than a minute but time
isn't in my favor currently and I was fair in stating
I didn't 'have the time' to look up all the threads
and I understand that we all have moaned and groaned
in the past at those who add copy/pastes of past
topics of threads which when snipped does help a
person a little if time isn't always in their favor.
But I will play by whatever rules the roost and enjoy
what I can, when I can!

I am all for seeing more information on glazes as that
is vital to making better art. Sorting information
sometimes is like playing tennis with an Octopus.

Bill Edwards

"Donna J.S. Causland"
Subject: Thanks for Human Ash Glazes

So I'll
be trying for a gray/black
streaky glaze on porcelain.


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