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impressions of nceca baltimore

updated mon 21 mar 05


Wayne Seidl on sun 20 mar 05

Once again, I've come back from NCECA with my brain filled to the
point of explosion. Crammed with memories, images of people
formerly or newly met, jokes played and observed. The kindnesses
shown to my partner and me during this NCECA, the love freely passed
along by Clayarters, and the information, my God the information!
All of these things appreciated more than you can imagine. I feel
saturated, overwhelmed, sated and satisfied, like a starving man at
the end of a Thanksgiving meal at an overloaded table.

I was waylaid by pirates, jiggled at by bellydancers and gypsies,
subjected to more food and drink and good conversation than one has
any right to expect, most nights well beyond midnight. At one
point, I commented that my brain felt like Ramen noodles...too much
information, so many good people, too little time. Information
overload. A sentiment echoed by many of the folk there with me.=20

I handled pots that made my heart race, saw glazes and forms that
took my breath away, embraced conceptual work that stunned me, and
watched the bar we must all reach for climb up out of sight. Will I
ever get there? Perhaps, or not; but it's the struggle that makes
the rewards, not the achievement. Have I got work ahead of me! =20

Baltimore is a lovely city; it has certainly cleaned up well, and
most of the staff in the restaurants, shops and hotels around the
Inner Harbor did their best to make us all feel welcome. I
certainly did. I've never seen so many smiles.

Ah well, like that diner after the meal, it is time to start
recovering. I'm off for a nap.
Much Love to all of you.

Wayne Seidl