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updated tue 22 mar 05


Paulette Carr on mon 21 mar 05

This was my first time at NCECA, and I had a very interesting
experience! I was rooming with Marcia Selsor, so I actually did visit
many of the galleries and exhibits, seeing such wonderful work, and
meeting some very interesting people. Marcia was kind enough to
include me in many of her reunions and dinner with friends. My
favorite of the officially scheduled events was clearly the
demonstrations. I am a handbuilder, and all but one of the
demonstrators threw ... I couldn't leave. Yes, Bill van Gilder is a
marvelous showman, making the watching and listening easy, but I was
equally enthralled with Silvie Granatelli and Ann Linneman whose
sensuous forms seems to grow from her fingers on day 2. I cannot say
enough about the work of Beth Cavener Stitchner -- joyful, monumental,
incredible!!! When Chris Gustin did move from throwing to coiling, I
was clearly besides myself! I could barely drag myself away from these
to attend the slide shows and talks. Clearly I missed one or two that
I should have seen. I did manage to visit the exhibitioners hall for
shopping and demonstrations, and added a few items to my tool box. I
sorely missed Phil and Bison tools, though! - darn!!! I only walked
out on one talk -- just after Paulus Berensohn and Julia Connor sang a
song that M.C. Richards made up and taught to them -- something lost in
translation to my ears, so I left as quickly as my small legs would
allow, and went back to watch the demos. I was so (unjustly) proud to
know that a young woman from St. Louis was the show winner for K-12!
Loved her work! Right down to the end, I was poking in one show or
another. Only lack of money stopped me from buying one of Liz
Quackenbush's oyster plates. If I had the chance today, I would do it!

My greatest regret was that I didn't have enough time to spend in the
clayart room and meet all of the people I have come to know through
their posts. I was greeted first and very warmly by Mel, with a red
dot applied to my badge. I had several interesting conversations, made
a few friends (thanks for including me in dinner Bonnie and Cheryl!),
and devoured the piece of chocolate that Russell shared with us. I
poured over the glaze tests, and cups, talked inlaid clay and tiles,
glaze tests and could have used about another 8 hours in each of my
days devoted solely to Clayart. I did manage to introduce myself and
thank all but one of those who have helped me with glazes. All of
this, mind you, from an introverted person.

I am so energized that I am looking for a summer workshop! In my case,
my plate was full, and my new cup from the mug exchange runneth over.
It will take me a few days to catch up on my sleep. I was introduced
to clay in Portland (as a buyer, under the Burnside Bridge), but I will
take it one day at a time.

Paulette Carr
Paulette Carr Studio
Member/Potters Council
St. Louis, MO