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nceca- china paint lecture

updated tue 22 mar 05


Paul Lewing on mon 21 mar 05

I'm not going to comment on whether this was the best NCECA ever or not. I
had a wonderful time, though. And the best part was meeting again a guy who
I went to undergraduate school with in 1968-69. I only met him because I
mistook him for someone else and invited him to join me for breakfast. When
I realized it wasn't who I thought it was, we had breakfast together anyway.
A real NCECA moment.
But, what I wanted to ask was, did anyone but me go to the Elaine Levin
lecture on "China Paint for the 21st Century? It was what I was most
looking forward to in the whole conference and it turned out to be BOGUS!

I'm sorry Ms. Levin, Ron Nagle's cups are not china paint!
Robert Arneson's typewriter is not china paint!
Patti Warashina's "Car Kiln" piece is not china paint!
Rookwood tile is not china paint!
Mary Louise McLaughlin did china paint, but that piece was not china paint!
And Adelaide Alsop Robineau's magazine was Keramic Studio, not The China

I couldn't believe it. I'd say that a fourth of the pieces she called china
paint were lowfire glaze or underglaze. And, yes, I did tell one of the
NCECA board members.
Paul Lewing, Seattle