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nceca over capacity

updated tue 22 mar 05


Rob on mon 21 mar 05

I'm not even gonna get involved in this little slap-fest, other than to
inteject this bit of fact...

I volunteered to help assemble packets for the conference. What we were
told was that we needed to put together 5000, up 1000 from previous years,
cause they thought that there might be a few more people this year. NOBODY
that talked to us (the packet slaves) thought in their WILDEST dreams that
there would be 6800 attendees.

So, yeah, logistics sucked. It would have helped enourmously if there was a
crew on the ground of professional event planners, but there was not. Mad
props to the folks at Baltimore Clayworks for working like maniacs to
alleviate the situation. I cannot speak to what efforts NCECA put forth -
that was simply outside my purview.

Just thought I'd try and give folks a sense of just what a logistical
nightmare it really was

Rob Van Rens

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From: "David Hendley"
Sent: Sunday, March 20, 2005 5:56 PM
Subject: Vince's NCECA review from 500 miles away

> This year, total conference registration jumped way up to, I heard, a
> record-setting 6800. Don't you think the planners could have enough
> foresight to hire enough busses, so everyone who wants to take a tour
> can do so?