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woodfiring/ hobagama slides to cd's

updated tue 22 mar 05


Gary Navarre on sat 19 mar 05

Hay Crew,
I did the best I could with some shots from the slides form the past.
The larger hobagama is at; It took some doing and
some shots are way over exposed from the gitgo and I did what I could
for brightness/contrast with my PictureIt!
Take a look at the main link below since I added more shots to a few
Gee, wonder when this winter will be over. We just had another 4-6" of
snow and the three legged pillows are sneaking around when me and Tager
are tucked under the blankies. They steal food from the things that put
hickies on the insides of my storm windows. I'm going to try to catch
one with a clothes pin when it pushes it's lips through the glass. Gotta
be fast though, those basterds are real quick.
Stay in there!

G in Da UP
Navarre Pottery
Norway, Michigan, USA