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amazing sandro lorenzini and peter voulkos connections found at nceca!

updated wed 23 mar 05


Angela Davis on tue 22 mar 05

Hello all,
I enjoyed almost every minute of my trip, tried to meet
as many people as I could but still missed a few.=20
Got my hug and dot from the Mayor Mel this time, =20
didn't know about them in INDY and missed out on much.=20
Loved the Tenmoku glazes but missed the talk. :-(
Attended the digital photog session but could not hear much. =20
A mic would have really made a difference to us in the back. =20
Not being able to hear the discussion, some of us got into discussions=20
of our own that must have been louder than we thought and Russell=20
had to come sush us. Sorry.

Missing Alisa C. is a big regret. I thought I would get a chance at the=20
mug exchange and found she left the day before. Also wanted to say =
hello to=20
Primalmommy Kelly because I love reading her posts, did catch a glimpse=20
of a flashy Gypsy Friday night but she was gone too soon.
And I missed getting David's autograph on my copy of the cobalt blues,=20
but thank you Trinity for providing us all all copy with the catalog. I =
love it!

Had a great time at the Venco booth where I=20
talked Bertie (the adoreable Aussie on his first trip to the US) into =
me the new stainless steel extruder he had carried all the way here to =
show off.=20
Can hardly wait to get it installed.

Found Maurice Whitman there the last day of the EXPO, he has been
at the top of my list of must meets since we exchanged a few emails =
awhile back.
So charming and helpful. Thanks Maurice for your help in trying to find =
mug exchange potter, never did see Abby.

Did meet a lovely lady who introduced herself to us, Joyce Kimball and =
husband Darrell. Joyce does the most beautiful Copper Reds in her Geil =

Downdraft, and from the photos gets very consistant results. She =
showed us photos of the new studio her husband built for her, (we all =
could use a guy like that).=20
She also does very nice clay mono prints and filled us in on the =

Found John Hesselberth in the hall outside the Clay Times exhibit giving =

an impromptu workshop on the Glazemaster Program and took in all I =
I have the program but have so much I need to learn before I can start =
to manipulate recipes. =20
I introduced John to the rest of my party afterwards and he kindly to =
give us=20
help with reducing the cone of a recipe we are interested in. Thanks =
John, =20
you are an amazingly giving person. As is your bud Ron.

Tony F came to our table and introduced himself at lunch one day when=20
he saw the orange dots my party was wearing. Really made us feel good.
As did having sharing a table with Snail Scott and laughing about the=20
"Breakfast Natzi". I have always loved reading her knowledgeable posts=20
and was suprised to find her such a young thing. Her first NCECA and =
was having a great time.
I met so many Clayart regulars this time, all lovely people, gives me =
a lot to live up to.

Sat morning during the mix up about the time the shuttles would runI =
a distinguished looking Italian gentleman trying to figure out the =
board at the entrance . Having an Italian mother and lots of family in =
I struck up a conversation and found he lived near my Uncle in Genoa. =20
We talked of his country and I asked about his kiln, he said it was gas=20
and told me his studio was large and he would be doing a 17
meter installation this summer in China! He regretted not having =
of his work to show me but gave me his card with his web address so=20
I could check it out later. The gentleman turned out to be sculptor=20
Sandro Lorenzini, should have gotten his autograph!=20

We were exiting the EXPO the first day and a couple of young men=20
approached and asks if we were potters. =20
One asks if I was interested in a video of Peter Voulkos working on=20
one of his Ice buckets. He told us he filmed it during one of Peter's =
to Anderson Ranch in 2000. After a little dickering I bought the DVD,=20
it had no label just the title and the guys name Bruce Riggs and phone =
610 662 4588. His friend was Micheal Groves, both ardent woodfirers =
from PA.
Needless to say my friends gave me a hard time for buying it and told me
stories of blank CDs being bought at concerts. I just laughed and told =

them the story alone was worth the money, not to mention the fun
they were having with it.

Just watched the video and it is indeed Peter Voulkos building one of =
his Ice Buckets,
it begins with a more robust Volkos speaking of what he gets from his =
audience .
It has very good close ups of his method of tearing at the huge slabs =
of clay=20
with his bare hands, how he attatched the 2 and 3 inch thick chunks,=20
smoothing and marking the surface and slapping on thick slip for =
texture. =20
He dosn't speak much while working but it has funky country music =
and Spanish Guitar by the "Green Haired Stranger" AKA... P.Voulkos.

Shots of his use of the torch over the surfaces and the signing of his =
name with=20
what looked like a Roto Zip.
You then get a good shot of the wood kiln firing with the new piece =
sitting in the front.=20
Lots of photos of the finished work at the end, with credits to the =
film crew.
I enjoyed it and found it very interesting , wanted to share this info =
in case=20
someone else out there is interested. I'm sure that Bruce is trying to =
a go of his Voulkos movie. =20

So I am home with a head full of ideas and glowing from all the=20
wonderful memories and fun times I had.=20
Have to catch up on my chores before
I can play with all my new tools but I'm sure my work can only=20
improve from all the inspiring things presented .

Angela Davis

With a new quote from the historic Roycroft Inn designed=20
by Frank Lloyd Wright, 1905.

"The love you liberate in your work is the love you keep."