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updated wed 23 mar 05


Sarah Prince on mon 21 mar 05

I went to my first NCECA since the 1970s fearing that I'd be all
depressed because I'm producing so little (the short short-term
reason is because unheated studios are still too cold in March in
northern New York) but I found the conference really exciting and

When I asked Jon Singer where he was likely to be that I might find
him (which I did in the vendors' hall), he mentioned the Clayart
room, and I figured that was a recommendation I'd better look into.
(Of course I've dipped into the archives now and then via Google.) I
did get to the room mid-day Friday, and liked what I saw - not a lot
of people, but I'm not good at names or faces at the best of times,
and by then my mind was totally glazed over. I wandered around ogling
the mug exchange tables and the various displays, giveaways, slut
t-shirt order forms, etc. I took a cookie and a magnet with an Indian
pot stamp image, and resolved to join up.

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