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my nceca conference experience

updated thu 24 mar 05


Fredrick Paget on tue 22 mar 05

Well, I made it there and back - flew first class using up my United
Airline miles earned on 3 trips to China and stayed free in a hotel
at the airport vicinity using up the points I earned on my credit
card, I got three nights out there but in the city I could only get
one night free. Due to old age and my disabilities I tend to give
out around 2 PM and am not worth much unless I can get a nap. The
Clayart room became my headquarters in the afternoon where I could
sit and talk to clay buddies.
Because of my deafness I don't get much out of the lectures and
demonstrations unless I can sit right up front. So I skipped those
and spent my time in the exhibits looking at all the goodies and
buying a couple of new tools,.
Bought a couple of DVDs of former demonstrations hoping they would
have subtitles (they don't). But at least I can turn up the volume
and hear most of it.
Was too tired to even think of going out to exhibitions at a distance
or anything at night. , Headed back to the hotel at 7 PM which turned
out to be a trying experience since I had to take the light rail to
the airport and then wait for the hotel courtesy bus to show up. The
first night I waited in the wrong place in the cold wind while two
busses streaked by at 45 MPH before I figured out I would have to
walk a quarter mile up the road where they were stopping even though
the first place I waited was a marked stop for courtesy busses.
Next year if the gods are willing and I go to Portland I will get a
room right near the exhibition so I can get my nappy.
The mug exchange was super. David Hendly got us all under control and
the exchange went off without a hitch while he was there. I got a
beautiful salt glazed mug by Gary Schaffer who unfortunately I did
not meet as he was not there then. It will be the star of my mug
collection. A fellow potter at the Aomori Woodfire Festival in 2002,
Sam Hoffman, got my puzzle mug and he seemed very happy.
I met a lot of you and there were a lot I wanted to meet but our
paths did not cross.
So now I am back at home getting ready to go to the penultimate
firing of the mighty Tozan wood fired noborigama at Nanaimo, B.C. on
April 3. Unfortunatly we are going to have to tear it down at the end
of the year as the university is expanding and wants the land for
new student housing.
From Fred Paget,
Marin County, CA, USA
Charter Member Potters Council