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comments on equipment..........giffin grip and ci boss

updated sat 26 mar 05


Randy McCall on fri 25 mar 05

First comment is on the Giffin Grip. It has already paid for itself in
saving pots that I normally destroy in trying to get them centered and
trimmed. It is a wonderful tool. Should have gotten one long time ago.
Great product.

Second comment is on the CI Boss. I got a CI Boss about 3 years ago. When
I got it I thought it was a very under powered wheel. I could bind it down
with about 5lbs of clay. I contacted CI and they gave me some instructions
on adjusting the pedal and the electronics and it did help some but not
much. After a couple of years the pedal finally quit working and CI sent me
a replacement after the original fix on the pedal did not work.

They sent me a brand new different pedal and electronics. Now it works like
a powerhorse that it should have been all along. Works great so it wasn't
the power of the motor it was the electronics on the thing.


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