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updated fri 25 mar 05


Toni Smith on thu 24 mar 05

Tony, I would love to talk pots with anybody, but my tiny little brain gets overwhelmed awfully quick. When I go to a gallery show as we had many in Baltimore, I like to just walk around and give it the once over first. Then I like to zero in on work that attracts me and ask myself why does it? Is it the form, the glaze, the combination, I getting a message of some I just moved at its beauty or line......Only then do I look at WHO made the pot. I am getting better at actually recognizing certain potters, whereas seven years ago I only could pick out a scant few. In my wanderings, I also look at work I don't care for, and give it points for craftsmanship, originality, and dance-a-bility. Thank goodness no one will ever ask me to jury a show. But we did have some wonderful Clayarters' work in the shows, especially the shino show, and the Claytimes show.....Loved the box Sheila made. Your huge pitcher with paper resist was so good. GRanted, you don't need my kudos.
....But we do need to make it a little easier to see all that great work for the out of towners. We wasted a lot of time and gas money trying to go by the maps provided. Thank goodness for friendly sho
pkeepers giving directions. Toni in Ohio