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nceca was fun

updated fri 25 mar 05


Stephani Stephenson on wed 23 mar 05

post -NCECA:
like most, once back home , once the plane landed
I had to hit the ground running.
This year at NCECA
I would say I had fun.
I could stop right there, and that would say it all....
I got my choice of sleeping with a wench or a pirate every night
I got to go to the aquarium with a captain
I got to traipse the waterfront and the fell's point cobblestones
with an author and an engineer
i got to dine twice with a high spirited ,determined, sweet New Jersey
I got to knock knockers with a welshwoman from the forest
I got to payback mel for the high pants walk
I got to dance western style in eastern garb with a cowboy
I was escorted to dinner by the king of the cobalt blues and a rowdy
table of ne'r do wells
(i suspect it was just my cobalt veil...) and we laughed till our
faces hurt
I got to shimmy with Lorie, (who can really shimmy),twirl with marta,
frug with Bacia
and Millie showed us all that the home town Bal'more girl owns the
downbeat on the dance floor!
I learned that Ron plays the guitar
actually, I finally got to meet Ron!
I learned that Ken is wicked funny and way cute,
and Wayne can make me a pink Lame anything , anytime...
I got to see Jon and Joe, out of context.
I discovered that Dannon and Doug and Dave can be led to pasta
I got to stretch my legs a bit and discovered some of Baltimore's
architectural treasures.
in a very surreal moment , wearing heels, chili red lipstick and coins
on my ass
I rattled my cleavage and slightly deflected off course an entire herd
of Mary Kay reps in a crosswalk....(.now THAT was fun, even for, or
rather , especially for an introvert...hee hee..)
I saw slides of astounding , sometimes lurid, but fabulous Italian
terra cottas, which I had never seen before
I saw that the vendors hall is the happening place,a marketplace, a
town center thriving and bustling,
I got to go further east in the U.S than I have ever been
I got to meet the friendly folks in Baltimore
As always, I found that the K-12 show and Lee's students inspire me,
amaze me
I got to meet new CLAYARTERS and got to know a bit better some folks I
have met in past years,
and due to all this , I got to sleep on the plane trip home

to all who dressed up for the ball, thank you for a wonderful excursion
. I only regret that I did not meet the incomparable Snail, who I heard
appeared in a divine red Dior. Drat!!!

now I want to thank me roomies in particular, bonny lasses both .
I think I did well, for though I suspect Frenchy's way is to dazzle
then set sail with the booty
I did manage to abscond with her boots , and at a right fair price,
(har har. no tellin where I'll be tryin those out.)

As for the wench, I hear she's now complainin' about lack of sleep, but
it weren't for me, I swear.

Aye, If I recollect rightly , wench Kelly's voice, twas the last one
standin' at the end of each night..... though, like all high minded
and low necked wenches....

her discourse was fine
and her tales were so merry,
the loss of some winks was
a small price to pay......

so listen up laddies
to answer your query
twas fun to have fun
with the wenches
of clay

Stephani Stephenson