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suggestions re clayart/nceca

updated fri 25 mar 05


Liz Willoughby on thu 24 mar 05

Elizabeth and Maurice have both made excellent recommendations and
Jonathan Kaplan has put up an excellent post which says just about
everything that there is to say about the pros and cons of NCECA and
how involved you can be or should be if things do not please you.

I also have a suggestion for the mug exchange. This always happens
that it takes a while for people to get back to the person who's mug
that they got, if they didn't meet up at the clayart room. There is
a pad in the room to write your name on that you visited the clayart
room. When you get a clayarter's mug, write down the name of the
person and your name. Then someone can post it on clayart. There is
usually a good reason why the person who got your mug did not let you
know sooner. In my case a couple of years ago, that person took an
extended trip. As I have said before, I think an exchange during the
lunch time period would mean that more people would be able to attend.

The trouble is that we want it all. We want to meet up with old
friends, we want to meet up with clayart friends, we want to attend
the exhibitions, we want to attend the lectures, slides
presentations, demos, etc. ..... is this even feasibly possible in
the length of time that we have?
So it seems to make sense for clayarters to set aside a couple of
days beforehand for our own use. Have our mini workshops, tours to
the shows, etc....this will cost more, and might exclude some, that
is the downside.

At 7:53 PM -0800 3/23/05, Elizabeth Priddy wrote:
If Clayart could meet the week before or after NCECA and have confabs
of their own, the art displays and exhibitions will still be up and
with about 6000 less people competing for bus rides. Maybe a Clayart
Conference in conjunction with NCECA but not concordant would be a
good option. I, for one, would be much more likely to go.

At 1:49 PM -0800 3/23/05, Maurice Weitman wrote:
>Now for my suggestion... I think we (clayarters) should arrange our
>own bus/van tours of galleries. If we are faced with another NCECA
>with too-many-galleries-to-see-in-a-lifetime (and is there any doubt
>that Portland would be anything but that?), how about we have an
>advance contingent of early arrivers and Portland-area natives be our
>jury to select a manageable number of venues they deem worthy of a
>visit. Then we can hire vans, busses, whatever to take however many
>of us are interested on the clayart tour.

Meticky Liz from Grafton, Ontario, Canada

Stephanie, loved your post "NCECA was fun", can't imagine you and
Kelly rooming together, did you get any sleep? Was that you with Dave
on the Sat when I was walking the wrong way in my pre-flu stage?
Wish I had had more time to meet more clayarters.