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diary of our trip 3/29/05

updated fri 1 apr 05


Eleanora Eden on wed 30 mar 05

Tuesday March 29

Thanks to the magic of cyberspace I am writing from our camper parked
outside of Peter King's studio in Pensacola, FL. Just figured out we
are on-line here, compliments of his wireless hub like we have at

We are taking a lot of pictures and notes and I think we will leave
here with what we need to get started. I am trying to visualize my
first projects so I will be able to get advice on those before we
leave. I had thought I would start with an arch, a bench, and a
fireplace. I now think I will try to do two fountains, one inside
and one outside.

Peter and his amazing architectural ceramics. Peter King is really
in a class by himself. Educated in religion and having done wide
researches into architectural creativity, he has so many threads at
his fingertips he is really a phenomenon. He has lots of books on
Gaudi and his disciple as well as on art nouveau architecture from
all over. This guy has done his homework.

Although group dynamics aren't my thing, I am really glad to be
here. He is a mechanical wizard as well and Fred is soaking all that
up. I would just not have been able to report this stuff to him. So
it is worthwhile that Fred is here too. That was the plan but I had
no idea the scope of the machinery Fred will be in the position to
supply our studio as a result of this exposure. Peter built his own
clay mixer and his mold press is of the auto shop variety that Fred
thinks he can manage to scrounge. Just lots of stuff that Fred is
soaking up that is beyond me.

This is a residential neighborhood about a mile from a bayou and
about 2 from downtown. We can do practically everything we want on
our bikes and have no plans to move the camper until we leave on
Sunday. Restaurants tucked here and there. A bike store down the
street (we got headlights) and a hardware store across the street. A
small deli where we can buy milk (for herself) and eggs.

As our daughter has her own cats now and as Zsa-Zsa doesn't do the
social thing except with me, we had no choice but to launch her
career as a camper kitty. I was worried that she would be trying to
make her escape at any opportunity like at home. Au contraire! She
burrows down into the pillows and all you can see is her ears except
at night when she comes out to watch from the open windows and run
around and do her eating. She has no intention of going anywhere
near the door.