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plaster bats that attach to any flat wheel head with bat pins

updated sat 2 apr 05


Srl0330@AOL.COM on fri 1 apr 05

You can make your own plaster bats that attach to any flat wheel head with a
PlasterBat Mold It is design for people that
want to make their own plaster bats. The big advantage of the PlasterBat Mold
is that the PlasterBats can be mounted to your wheel with Bat Pins. Also, they
are made with No 1 Pottery Plaster for optimum strength and absorption. The
bats are 12.5" in diameter and 7/8" thick.

I've made my own PlasterBats and used them for a year now and they have
completely altered the type of pots I throw. Large, wide, flat objects are no
problem since the piece pops off the bat in about a day without cutting it off.
Also, they have completely eliminated my "S" crack problem.

To eliminate S-cracks:
1. Throw your pot on a PlasterBat.
2. Allow it to dry until it is dry to the touch (when you touch it you don't
get clay on your finger)
3. Cover lightly until it releases from the PlasterBat.
4. Remove it from the bat and trim as necessary.
5. Place the piece upsidedown on a shelf and cover lightly.

Best Regards,

Sam Lester
107 Ridgeview Drive
Lynchburg, VA 24503