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fwd: diary of our trip 3/15/05

updated sun 3 apr 05


Eleanora Eden on sat 2 apr 05

>Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 07:21:45 -0500
>Tuesday March 15
>Up early and following the levee road another=20
>long while and then it opened onto cattle land=20
>and houses on various types of stilts. Brahman=20
>cattle, not the Woody Jackson cows we have up in=20
>VT. Rangier affairs altogether, and the one=20
>bull we saw quite amazing in profile with that=20
>rectangular hump.
>A ferry took us over from Cameron, the roads in=20
>good condition mostly and mostly empty. Our own=20
>little freeway pointed due west. West on 73=20
>from Port Arthur=8Aisn't that Janis Joplin's home=20
>town=8A=8Aand then south back to the coast instead=20
>of back on 10. I have just had my fill of=20
>interstates, and I couldn't face an extra night=20
>in Houston, there will be plenty of those coming=20
>up starting tomorrow.
>So we just spent a little while by the ocean=20
>till it got dark and now we'll find someplace to=20
>park for the night and then head up to Houston=20
>real early in the morning to go see the tax man=20
>and get my permit before going to set up for the=20