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surfing with helen bates - april 1, 2005 - australia, usa, canada, uk

updated sun 3 apr 05


Helen Bates on fri 1 apr 05

Surfing with Helen Bates - April 1, 2005 - Australia, USA, Canada, UK

The Australian Woodfire Survey 2005 (Canberra Potters Society Gallery)
(Canberra, Australia)
(40 slides of the wood-fire exhibition preceding the 2005 Gundaroo
Woodfire workshop.) (Found on Steven Goldate's "Ceramics Today") (Thanks, Steven)

Lynne Johnson (Lynne Johnson Pottery) (Courtenay, BC Canada):
(Canadian functional potter who fires with wood or with gas.)
She does very attractive work but online, it's hard on my monitor to
see some of her woodfired pieces because the images are quite dark. (I
can use third party software to lighten them, but that requires
downloading the image.)

The Bowes Museum (Barnard Castle) (County Durham, England, UK)
Over 1800 pieces of antique pottery on view.
Searchable by categories or by keyword.
(Westerwald stoneware saltglazed teapot with pewter lid and spout tip.)

Michaels, Louise (Middlebury, VT, USA)
Michaels has some interesting sculptural work in Raku and Stoneware.
Here's a direct link to her e-video on raku:
It's from a few years ago, I think.
The video is fun; the screen can be zoomed without too much visual
loss. More serious was the darkness of much of the video image on my
monitor. I had to set my screen to top brightness for reasonable
viewing quality. The site needs more still images, along with the

Melody Lewis Kane (Clay Forms Pottery) (Sedgwick, ME, USA)
This funtional porcelain is glazed to a beautiful gloss, using a
limited palette of white, pale to jade greens and light tans. Her
decoration can be a bit "frou-frou" (at times) for my taste, but is
impeccably handled.

David and Brigitte Delthony (Escalante, UT, USA)
(Sculptured Furniture, Art and Ceramics)
Brigitte Delthony is the potter. Her work is coil built, and decorated
by various combinations of burnishing, adding slip, and sawdust, smoke
or pit firing. Have a peek at her husband's work - beautifully done,
though much more sculptural than "functional" in the conventional sense
of the word.

Weston, Jenna (Ava, Missouri, USA)
Not clay, being made of handmade papers with additions of twigs,
leaves, lunaria pods and the like, but the forms are beautiful, and
could work well in clay and underglaze colours.


Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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