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production pottery- is that what you want to do?

updated mon 4 apr 05


clennell on sun 3 apr 05

mummy wrote:
> I made a very simple, no-frills version of the pot I sell for my "niche
> market". I weighed out the clay and sat down and threw five one night,
> six the next -- followed David Hendley's workshop advice for production
> ware by eliminating all the "fussing" and eliminating steps.

Mum: don't eliminate steps increase the number of them. My ole man( he hated
that, let me call him respectfully, Dad) left me with this important advice
"It's what you do when you don't have to that makes the difference." This is
the difference between one off gallery destined pots and production pots. A
mug takes me 3 times as long to make now as it did when I was a youngin'.
The throwing may be quicker but the details that I build into the cup make
it take longer. I feel a need to include all these details. If I had a
spouse with a job i wouldn't want to try to be a production potter. Why???
There is more money in being a postal employee.
If I've learned anything from recent Clayart discussions- a pro ought to
make their work so that a weekend warrior envies it. Attend to the details!
No Frills is a bargain grocery store here in Canada- do you really want to
be represented there?
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Sour Cherry Pottery
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