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ann semple nceca and belize

updated thu 7 apr 05


Billie Mitchell on wed 6 apr 05

Some of you know who Ann semple is and what a kind heart she has. she has tried for two yrs to go to nceca.. Due to the airlines mixing up her airline reservations she wasn't able to come again this yr. Her heart was broken. We all missed her. When i posted about everyones kind donations for a potter to go to belize to teach she read my post. She told me she would love to go. Ann has an additional reason to go to Belize. The group that we belong to also has a mentor program for high school kids. Ann is one of the mentors. She has been able to talk to Edgar long distance but hasn't had the opportunity to meet him as of yet. She would really love to go to Belize not only to teach pottery but to meet her student. While the money i raised isnt enough for her flight it will help. So far she hasn't been able to find any cheap flights from Canada. I think Ann would be a perfect person to go. If any of you could donate a few dollars to her please email her personally.( ) she
will send you her snail mail address. Everyone will benefit greatly from what she has to give. If you can just give a couple of $ she would have the rest of her flight money in no time..

thank you so much
billie mitchell