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surfing with helen bates - april 7, 2005 - u-s-a, c-a-n-a-d-a,

updated fri 8 apr 05


Helen Bates on thu 7 apr 05

G-e-r-m-a-n-y, C-u-b-a

Surfing with Helen Bates - April 7, 2005 - USA, Canada, Germany,
(Is it illegal for Americans to view sites from C-u-b-a ?)

Marie Glasse Tapp, and Delia Tapp (Tile Restoration Center) (Seattle,
The Tapps pride themselves on making historically accurate
reproductions Ernest Batchelder tiles, as well as Claycraft designs,
and custom work with original designs.

National Ceramic Museum (Museo Nacional de la Ceramica) (H-a-v-a-n-a,
Click on "Visite Virtuale" or "Galleria" to view several pages of
zoomable thumbnails of works by Cuban ceramicst from the 1950's through
the 1990's. The enlarged images are still fairly small. No doubt size
has been constrained by the limits of the Cuban Internet server being
used. (The site loads fairly slowly, even for a fast-loading broadband
connection, so load the images in a second tab, if you can, and maybe
also open another browser window and look at some of these other sites

Eden Bender (Art Junkie) (Toronto, ON, Canada)
Sculptures often utilizing a minimalist colour palette amplifying
textured surfaces. (Web site dark for my tastes and / or monitor.)

Toronto Potters (Toronto, ON, Canada)
You can view all or most of the following artists by moving your cursor
over "Events/Programmes", "Exhibition", "Biennial Images."
Eden Bender, Celia Brandao, Elsa Broder, Susan Card, Shu-Chen Cheng,
Raissa Costin, Joy Eliuk, Brenda Ellenwood, Shlomit Flexer, Evelyne
Gharibian, Judith Graham, Pauline Harman, Helen Ho, Aliza Hosiosky,
Ruth Hyatt, Alexander Kastulin, Kasumi Lampitoc, Irit Lepkin, Maemi
Kathleen Matsushita, Heather McCulloch, Patrick Mok, Zsuzsa Monostory,
Joni Moriayama, Judith Morsink, Jane Neff, Paul Peddle, Katy Shi Perry,
Cory Pinassi, Dale Roddick, Linda Rosen, Irene Saibel, Joan Spears,
Robert Tetu, Chiho Tokita, Wendy Vervoort, Anna Vicherek, Robert
Walter, Danuta Weizenbluth, Joyce Wheatley, Brenda Zysman.

Paulus Berensohn (Germany Workshop Slideshows) (PA, USA) (Machine translation)
Paulus Berensohn and Jimmy Clark (of Peters Valley) gave two seminars
on pinch pots and smoke firing in Germany in the summer of 2003, one in
Krehfeld, the other in Muhlacker. Lots of pictures... Text in German
Paulus Berensohn was a presenter at NCECA 2005 (Baltimore, MD, USA)
Author of "Finding One's Way With Clay", 1972
(The prices for used copies vary wildly. I got mine, a cloth-covered
hardcovered copy, a few years ago, not in pristine condition,
admittedly, but quite useable, for $5CAD.) (Today on I
found prices varying from $10USD for a paper-covered reprint from the
mid-1980's to $174.95 for a cloth-bound hardcover with jacket, the
latter with some tears.!)

North Carolina State University Crafts Center (Raleigh, NC, USA)
The NCSU Crafts Center's 40th. Anniversary silent auction was held late
this winter. To view the work that was on offer, click on "Silent
Auction Exhibition: January 31 - February 26." (There are lots of clay
pieces, but you will have to guess a bit, from the thumbnails, as only
the artists' names are given, not the media.)

Kenneth Chin-Purcell (Bungalow Pottery) (Minneapolis, MN, USA)
Chin-Purcell's amazing glazes are made by him from the raw materials
and fired to cone 9 oxidation in an electric kiln! His thrown, carved,
and altered and added-to forms are substantial and attractive.


Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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