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glazes for bonsai pots

updated sun 10 apr 05


Linda Ferzoco on fri 8 apr 05

Hi Edouard and thanks.

With bonsai, one uses either a glazed pot for a deciduous tree, or an
unglazed pot for an evergreen. The best antique pots look old: glazes that
have been worn from centuries of use, so that they are not glossy at all.
In addition, bonsaiers get excited about glazes with movement and many
bonsaiers love the drippy ones.

So, since all my work, thus far, is done at the junior college, I'm limited
to the schools regimen: cone 5, not 6, oxidation and whatever the prof's
programmed heating and cooling is. Our experiments with some of the
Roy/Hesselberth cone 6 glazes were uninspiring.

At cone 10 in reduction, we have more options for nice layered, drippy
glazes, but they all are glossy.

Soooo, when I get my own kiln, I want to create matt or satin glazes with
lots of movement. Like Waterfall brown but not shiny.

Having said all that, I want to do it myself. I'm an experimenter from way
back and get a kick out of trying different things. I took Ron's glaze
workshop last year (boy did we create some variant floating blue!), but
haven't yet had a chance to get the experiments done.

Melsan, yes, what you're thinking is right. Put your money where your mouth
is Ferzoco!

Enough, Linda