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nceca 2006 /ot big dog for joyce

updated wed 13 apr 05


logan johnson on tue 12 apr 05

Hi Joyce,

For whatever it's worth my advice about owning a large dog is this. (I have a Rottweiller) Get a rottweiler puppy & raise it with your westie. You'll never have to worry about the safety of you or your Mojo again if you train the rottie as a puppy to be subserveant to Mojo. (not a difficult thing to do)
I could show you a pic of my girl Angel getting beaten up by my cat. A daily occurance in my house. The visual of a rottie being chased & bullied by a little westie is just TOO funny. Rotties DON'T turn suddenly & chomp a smaller best buddy they've been raised with but will keep coyotes & feral dogs away from their pack mates( you & Mojo) even at the cost of their own lives. It's too bad such a great breed has been given such a bad reputation . All due to poor ownership. besides the best part of owning a rottie is you don't have to bend down very far to pet them ;oD

JoyceLee wrote:
..... Poet Son wants
me to get a massive guard dog but I'm
afraid he'd gobble up Mojo.

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