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portland 2006

updated sat 16 apr 05


The Sherman's on wed 13 apr 05

Geeez- go do something unimportant like moving the household and the studio
and then find out the Clayart hotel for 2006 is decided upon and sold out!
I was planning on making Baltimore my first NCECA but decided I needed to
close on the house and conserve the funds and am hoping to be there in 2006.
The move is a done deal although I have yet to dig out the studio enough to
throw a pot. While I didn't go no mail during the move I have been skimming
the digests rather than reading them with my morning cup(s) of coffee.
Barely time for the coffee!

Anyone of you 160 folks with a room looking for a roommate? I'm 40
something, married, female, non-smoker, who likes to party but looks for
quiet time as well. Be warned- I snore, but will supply new earplugs to
anyone who shares a room with me. Bourbon and branch is my preferred drink
and I'll bring my own.

Looking forward to hearing from folks- on or off list.

Marcey Sherman
Zephyr Pottery
Still 1/2 way out Long Island, NY but a new home owner with a basement with
10 foot ceilings and full windows, waiting for power to be run for the
kilns. Where spring is trying to get here
but the daffodils aren't sure yet whether to bloom.

URL Krueger on fri 15 apr 05

Hey folks, I was still able to reserve a room at the Red
Lion today.

Earl K...
Bothell WA, USA

Susan Fox-Hirschmann on fri 15 apr 05

I have been missing the threads and would appreciate someone posting
dates of Portland NCECA in 2006 and a bit more info on the Red Lion.
Annandale, VA