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small wood kiln, no welding??

updated fri 15 apr 05


Vince Pitelka on thu 14 apr 05

> Too, as I myself detest perfunctory 'welds', especially ANY
> welds of 'cold rolled' strap or angle 'Iron' ( mild steel)
> for Kilns or anything...

Okay Phil, I know you are an afficionado of antiquated technology, but above
you say that you don't like to weld mild steel. I do value your opinions so
much, and find you a storehouse of good sound knowledge on so many things.
But I am very curious about your reasoning on the above. I like to see
people receive advice that really is most practical and accessible for the
particular application.

I certainly don't always advocate the most time-efficient method, because
there are so many time-consuming methods that are well worth it for the
enjoyment of process or for particular finish or function. But riveting or
bolting is much more time-consuming than arc-welding, and if you want a
strong, rigid frame with no flex at the corners, it would be hard to justify
bolting or riviting, unless you instal angle braces, which would add even
more work.

That said, I loved the appearance of old riveted steel boilers and pipe, but
I recognize that those were made before arc welding became accessible and
effective in the first half of the 20th century.
- Vince